Waste Ventures

Our Challenge

In developing countries like India, 30-60% of waste is uncollected and left on road sides and open drains. Much of this material is organic and suitable for compost, a natural soil conditioner for farmers. Our challenge is to bring this material to market for improved urban sanitation, livelihoods, and the environment.

Our Work

Over four years, we honed our model for diversion of waste from landfill to prevent greenhouse gases and generate income for urban poor. The resulting business is now embodied in Waste Ventures India, a table-to-farm compost business that supplies farmers in India’s southern state of Telangana.

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Our Future

We recognize that many other waste pioneers are creating pockets of change for India, but lack the ability to scale. Waste Ventures became Waste Impact in 2014 to bridge the gap between impact funders and these pioneers. Waste Impact focuses on models that improve waste picker income and dignity.

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